Privacy Policy

Privacy policy updated in 27.07.2020

News Radio acknowledges the importance of protecting personal information and we always seek to process this information in a transparent, responsible way in compliance with the laws of the countries where we perform.

This privacy policy aims to describe the general privacy practices applied by News Radio regarding the personal information which can be collected, dealt with and/or used concerning our customers and visitors, handled as users.

News Radio can collect personal information about our users for the following purposes:

- Access and use of sites and/or other services which we provider.

Upon accessing one of our sites or services, we collect the information required to provide the access to and function thereof, always seeking to supply the best experience of use and fulfillment of legal, safety and fiscal requirements necessary, such as IP address, date, time, definitions of the browser and approximate localization. Furthermore, we collect other technical data intended for statistics and improving the user’s experience.

- Service by chat and materials for download.

Upon making contact with our chat, we request Name and Email by obligation and Telephone optionally.

This information is used to identify the user and is recorded in our system for historical and legal reasons. Furthermore, the data is used for facility of access in later visits and statistics. The data provided by the browser is also collected to complement the previous information, maintaining the objective described.

We make available certain contents for free download, its download link being dispatched by email to avoid abuse of resources. To request access to the contents, it is necessary to indicate the Name, email and telephone. This data can be used for emails, marketing and/or newsletters.

- Registration on the site.

Upon executing registration for use of our services we request the Name, Email and Password, to identify the user. The password is maintained in encrypted form in our database.

Upon using our services, we collect data referring to access, such as IP, date, time, data of the browser, session time and record actions executed in our system for technical and legal registration purposes (log).

- Contracting of services

Upon contracting a service we request the following data:

- Name

- Email

- Tax ID

- Date of Birth

- Full address, with ZIP and complement

- Telephone

This data is necessary for fiscal and legal identification of the user. Furthermore, we also collect data referring to access, such as IP, date, time, data of the browser, session time and we record actions executed in our system for technical and legal registration purposes (log).

When making the payment of a service the user shall be able to use various means of payment. In every case we maintain a record of the means used, as well as IP, date, time and data of the browser and other data provided by the means of payment chosen.

In the specific case of payment by credit card, we collect the data referring to the card (Holder, Card Number, Due Date and Security Code of your credit card) for validation thereof, however, this data is NOT stored in its totality.

The data of the credit card stored is: holder and last 4 digits of the card number. This data is used for legal records and display to the user.

Furthermore, the gateway of payment by credit card generates a valid token only in our payment environments, allowing later use of the card without storing its data.

It is important to emphasize that the categorization of the data collection is executed for a better understanding of how the data is collected, stored and used. When accessing our site and/or services the user may not perceive the transition in the way exemplified above.

When using the user’s personal information for purposes of marketing, transaction contact, reasons of improvement, reasons of security or additional requirements, the use is always executed based upon the lawful interests of BRLOGIC or of partners authorized by the user.

Sharing of Personal Information

News Radio does not share personal data with parts unrelated to News Radio, except for the parties and partners specified in this document or when requested and authorized by legal means.

Concerning the security and accuracy of the Information

The aim of News Radio in collecting and storing personal information is to provide a better experience of browsing and use of our sites and services, besides fulfilling all the legal and fiscal requirements.

Furthermore, we always aim at the security of this information using the best current resources for storage of the information. It is also necessary that determined information, such as logins and passwords, is protected by the user.

News Radio collects information which can be rendered invalid for reasons unrelated to itself. We always seek to maintain this information updated and truthful, however, it is important to emphasize that the user shall always act in good faith and collaborate to maintain the truthfulness of this information.

If any information is obtained by third parties illegally, News Radio will inform the user affected about what occurred within 72 hours and the appropriate procedure in each situation.

Retention Period

News Radio does not retain personal information for longer than necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, including compliance with legal and fiscal obligations.

Furthermore, information referring to services can have terms specified in the contract thereof.

Legal basis for data collection

We execute data collection with the user’s agreement and also for contractual issues when subscribing a service.

How to contact News Radio

For issues referring to how your data is used, as described in this privacy policy, use the means made available our site. Your message will be sent to the sector in charge for analysis and clarification of possible queries.

For purposes of General Data Protection Regulations of EU (GDPR), the authority for handling your data is:

Inside Media srl

I.C. Bratianu 104

Botosani - Romania

Under no circumstances shall News Radio be responsible for the treatment of situations such as:

- Information processed by third parties not related to News Radio;

- Information disclosed by the very user or obtained from the user illegally by third parties. In this case, we highlight certain examples such as exploiting breaches in digital systems under the user’s responsibility, social engineering and likewise.

- Information which was not collected and stored by News Radio and/or was disclosed by the user outside the scope in which we collect it.

The User’s Rights

The user can request the access to, update or correction of personal information. The user also has the right to oppose receiving direct marketing. The user can request the cancellation of registration of the email itself, where there is a link to this, in the footer of each email sent.

The user shall be able to have additional rights in accordance with the local legislation applicable to the processing. For example, if the processing of the personal information is subject to the General Data Protection Regulations of EU ("GDPR"), and the personal information is processed based upon lawful interests, the user has the right to oppose the processing based upon the specific situation. Within the scope of GDPR the user shall also be able to have the right to request that the personal information is deleted or restricted and request the portability of the personal information.

Right to Make a Claim

If the user considers that the processing of the information is not in accordance with the applicable legislation, claims can be made to News Radio or the qualified data protection authorities.

Update to the Privacy Policy.

When updating this privacy policy, the date referring to the update shall be added at the start of this policy.


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